LiveZilla Live Chat Software
LiveZilla Live Chat Software
PPC PackagesSilverGoldPlatinum
Monthly Cost $ 250$ 350$ 500
Setup Cost $ 100$ 100FREE
Initializing the Project
Website Analysis YesYesYes
Competitive Analysis YesYesYes
Account Setup YesYesYes
Tracking Code Setup YesYesYes
Ad Campaign Management
Keyword Research 300500750
Maximum No. of Keywords to target 200400600
Ad Groups Creation YesYesYes
Ad copy creation YesYesYes
A/B Ad Copy Testing YesYesYes
Geo Targeting YesYesYes
Local Search Campaigns YesYesYes
Day Parting YesYesYes
Budget Management YesYesYes
Bid Management YesYesYes
Landing page consultation 125+
Ad Group Monitoring
Google Analytics code setup YesYesYes
Funnel Tracking NoYesYes
Traffic Statistics YesYesYes
Conversion Tracking YesYesYes
ROI Management YesYesYes
ROI Analysis NoYesYes
Weekly Report NoYesYes
Customer Support
Email support YesYesYes
Chat support NoYesYes
Monthly Cost $ 250$ 350$ 500
Setup Cost $ 100$ 100FREE
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